Jul 19, 2011

Shinjuku Station

711 W. Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $

Okonomiyaki close to home is a dream come true! Quite literally. Shinjuku Station had their grand opening on the 15th and will have it for the rest of the month.
They portioned the dishes as appetizer-sized so that we could sample what they had as a way gauge their future works. A sort of test run if you will. They called it a "soft-opening". But if people complained, I do not see a reason why. The portions are just right. I am tired of having large fatty servings.

Seared baby octopus was the first dish. Doc liked it yet found it a little on the sweet side.Being the sweet tooth that I am, I did not detect much of the sweetness she referred and enjoyed the flavor. The tentacles carried the most flavor. Rice would have complemented the octopus if it was a main dish. Next came the tok fries, which was recommended by our hostess. The special thing about them was the condiments. One was a spicy mayo (yummilicious) and a seven flavor chili pepper with bonito flakes. Later the green tea soba. Do not expect strong taste of green tea. Mooky and I argued over the texture of the soba. In her experience, soba was "elastic". This was not and she did not like it. I commented that if it was elastic, then it would have been overcooked. I have never had soba cold and enjoy much better this way: simple taste. Doc mostly had trouble getting it to her mouth due to her lefthandedness.

Tempura was tempura.

Now here for the main thing I came for: okonomiyaki. The small portion was perfect. Sushi Yama's is quite large and difficult to finish if not famish. It was just a pork okonomiyaki and I usually have a mixed beef, pork, and squid. The pork okonomiyaki was quite delectable.

Dessert! We definitely recommend the cheesecake. Sweet and nutty to tone down the tartness of the cream cheese. Delish.

The parking is in the back where you will also find the entrance and patio area. Once the heat gets more bearable, dining outside will be date heaven. The interior is narrow and the atmosphere was loud. People came here to meet friends and chat. A neighborhood sushi place.

The owners and staff are friendly and informative. We discussed the possible additions to the menu. My recommendation: takoyaki. Also we talked about ramen.

Love the closest thing to authentic Japanese cuisine in Fort Worth. I look forward to their menu later down the line.

Itadakimasu!!! いただきます!!! Let's eat!!!
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