Jul 17, 2011

Carrollton Sushi

2150 N Josey Ln # 322,
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 389-1873
(to the Right of Albertsons and directly across from Home Depot)

Price: $
Rating: 4/5

Oddly enough, if I was asked "Do you like sushi?" seven years ago, I would have made a face. Albeit my first Japanese food experience was not even sushi but tamago kake gohan (rice with raw egg). I applied that taste to all or most Japanese food. Definitely an ignorant thing to do and usually happens to diners a lot when trying something new and different. My problem was ordering the wrong thing. How could I have ordered something with raw egg, when I knew I detest it? Alas, I had friends who knew more about Japanese cuisine and turned me around. This explains Cowtown Munchies rampant reviews on Japanese restaurants.

My guy had been a little sick for a few days, but was feeling better, so I went to see him. That sweltering hot day, we decided on a light meal. Sushi sounded like a good idea and I recalled that his birthday was spent at Carrollton Sushi. He has good taste in food, so I wanted the give the place a try.

Tucked away in a shopping center and from the sun's rays by shades, Carrollton Sushi boasted a modest interior. The place was quiet with only two tables taken on a Sunday evening. The menu is typical of most sushi restaurants - similar rolls and appetizers. For light eaters, I definitely recommend sharing the sushi combos that come with basic rolls. The sushi was delicious. There was no other way to say it. And for the price, definitely a win in my book. 

I have been to many sushi places, while the upscale sushi places are more like nice lounges and so come with a price tag, I prefer the smaller ones. Ostentation and great decor do not replace food, so discover what the big sushi places do not have: budget friendly yummy sushi.

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