Nov 23, 2010


5005 S. Cooper St. Ste. 163
Arlington, TX 76017
(817) 557-5554

Price: $
Rating: 3.5/5

1. Burger is plain as in nothing but your salt and pepper is added to your burger. 
2. The burger and chicken is cooked right and juicy.
3. The Smash sauce is good, but nothing special. It tastes mostly of mustard, relish and lemon juice, so no secret there.
4. Fries (regular and sweet potato) are cut thin and are crispy.
5. Clean lines in interior design and no loud t.v. blasting. Good music, too.

Some recommendations:
1. More choices of veggie toppings please!
2. A vegetarian burger would be awesome. May I suggest black bean burgers?

1. Not much of a veggie person? Go for the Kids Smashburger: burger, cheese, and buns. Other basic toppings (lettuce and onions) at no cost. It is also cheaper and not that much smaller than the regular burgers, plus it comes with fries.

Definitely will be going back for that chili cheese dog.

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